composition, november 2011

visuals, November 2011. graphics generated with Processing.


momenti di Roma 2012 (part 1)

This summer felt like it went on forever. Long hot days in New York bookended by major trips in May/June and August, beginning with my second visit to Rome. A week spent well, with days of wandering the Eternal City and evenings at Live Performers meeting.

above the Spanish Steps

detail from Raphael’s The School of Athens


at the Vatican Museum

first evening, walking around Termini

Pyramide, en route to LPM at Planet Alpheus

Malte Steiner performing as Notstandskomitee



Faded Androgyny

The weather has suddenly gone cool for the middle of July in NYC, so these photos don’t seem as out of place as they would have a week ago.

Faded black denim on a grey day. Photographed at Astoria Park, April 2012 using a Minolta TLR, Kodak 100 ISO film.

denim jacket: Trish Summerville for H&M
jeans: Diesel
boots: All Saints
sunglasses: Lookmatic
necklace: Nervous System

Leather Reflection

It will be a while before I wear this jacket again, but it needs a break after wearing it almost every day during the mild winter we had in New York. I put it on to finish off the roll of film that had been lingering in the Rollei for too long, and I’m only just noticing how nicely the leather is wearing in already.

  • Camera: Rolleiflex TLR on ISO 400 film.
  • jacket and boots: Trish Summerville for H&M
  • jeans: Diesel
  • earring: Oak NYC


outpt+paris are joined by Notstandskomitee for a night of analogue beats and coordinated visuals at Panke in Berlin.

Flyer design for our June show in Berlin. I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design for websites lately, and it was an enjoyable change to do print work again. Think I’ll get a copy printed up for myself…

Drum and Space in Europe, 2012

outpt+paris will be performing Drum and Space in Rome and Berlin.

May 28 23:22: Live Performers Meeting in Rome
June 9, 22:00: Panke in Berlin

Satellite Reports

Video for the second song from Drum and Space by outpt+paris.

In Satellite Reports, our interstellar traveller has left the bustling, populated space near home and is heading out towards the cool, unoccupied void. With no one to speak to, and nothing to listen to but the random transmissions of satellites, she silently contemplates her decision to go on. Looking out at the glow of distant stars, she begins to notice a common theme to the satellite messages. There is something else out here, floating in the vacuum. Something that has been asleep for a long time, waiting for a reason to wake up.
▼ ▲ ▼
Video concept and production by Mary Ann Benedetto/outpt
Selected text excerpted from NASA log files
Images from the Cassini Mission courtesy of JPL (
Produced by

composition, march 2011

visuals, March 2011. graphics generated with Processing.


Pixellated phases of the moon. December 2010.


Alternate outpt+paris image (not used) for lightrhythm visuals magazine. November 2010.